15th DSA Biennial Conference

15th DSA Biennial Conference

September 2, 2019 - September 8, 2019

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Hotel Information

Hotel room reservations will be available after February 25, 2018.  

Do not make any reservations due to hotel policy for set-up.  

Sheraton Hotel Seattle Downtown

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Gum Wall [Serious!]

So much more to see of Seattle & the Pacific NorthWest

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For your information about our hotel Sheraton and Seattle’s attractions nearby …

An incredibly compact footprint means everything is nearby

As a meeting planner, you know how important it is for your attendees to be able to get around the destination quickly and easily. Seattle’s downtown core is just eight blocks wide, with restaurants, retail and hotels concentrated within. The blocks here are shorter than many other cities, so they’re dubbed “high heel” blocks, as two or three Seattle blocks may add up to one, typical city block–this makes for quick little “easy-on-your-feet” jaunts from hotel to convention center to restaurant. Our centrally-located Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) anchors the start of this downtown shopping and dining experience, culminating at the Pike Place Market and the waterfront—just six blocks away.

Excellent brand mix of hotels that keeps on growing.

Seattle’s diverse hotel package is focused right near WSCC. In fact, there are more than 6,000 committable hotel rooms within an 11-block radius of the convention center. In the next two years, Seattle will gain an additional 3,000 hotel rooms. The 1,260-room Hyatt Regency Seattle (opening fall 2018) will be directly adjacent from the upcoming WSCC Additional Facility (groundbreaking April 2018). The luxury SLS Seattle opens this fall, and is located in a gorgeous new tower overlooking Puget Sound. And Embassy Suites (opening early 2018) will have a new flagship property right in historic Pioneer Square near the stadiums. There are exciting changes happening with the current hotel inventory too. The 1,236-room Sheraton Seattle Hotel just across the street from WSCC is undergoing a $53MM refresh to be completed in Spring 2018.

Photo: SLS Seattle

New market, same soul.

The iconic Pike Place Market recently completed an incredible expansion that has been in the works for decades. The dramatic new MarketFront addition overlooks the water, has new restaurants and daystall vendors, a sunset plaza, as well as private event space. Since it’s just six blocks from WSCC, attendees can pop down after a session for a beverage and bite and take in the view.

Photo: Josh Lewis Photography

The locals’ neighborhood market.

Just two blocks east of WSCC is where the Capitol Hill neighborhood begins.Known for its notable restaurants, bars and live music venues, it is a beehive of activity. And it’s where another special market is located that both Seattleites and visitors adore. Melrose Market is a lovingly-restored historic building that features a rooftop restaurant Terra Plata, Homegrown sandwich shop, a butcher, a flower shop, Glasswing retail store, an oyster bar, as well as private event space. Bonus: the magical, Willy Wonka-esque Starbucks Roastery is just across the street!

Photo courtesy Melrose Market

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Want to see what else is in store for Seattle? Your knowledgeable Convention Services and Convention Sales teams are standing by to answer your questions and brainstorm how make your next Seattle event great. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Shortly after the Baltimore’s 2013 conference ended, the original bidders of the DSA 2019 Seattle, Washington State’s Mike and Connie Gough and Van and Ellen Scheppach, attempted to delve into the fierce campaign against the Pittsburg Deaf Club’s contending bidder. Within a year of the DSA 2015 Asheville conference, however, Mike Gough passed away suddenly, leaving behind the rest of the team to forge ahead until Seattle’s bid was won.

Where’s the catch there? How has the picture of the two gracious bald eagles soaring and hovering in the Pacific Northwest air been chosen for the DSA 2019 Seattle’s logo? Who are the key characters behind the actions? What has that iconic picture got to do with the conference theme, “Savor the Pacific Northwest and Experience the difference”? And, why is it of importance to the planning committee of the forthcoming DSA 15th biennial conference?

Back in 2013, the Scheppach and the Gough were the northern-most residents of Washington State, bordering underneath Canada and so close to the Pacific coast. Hanging all over the borderless pines, the cedars, and the fir coniferous trees are thousands of the regal bald eagles’ nests. On glorious sunny days, eagles soared and hovered over our heads so gracefully and yet so visibly determined to shoot down the surroundings in search of field mice and other vermin to bring home ‘bread and butter’ for their young ones. Where Connie, Van and Ellen lived, agricultural fields, the woods, rivers and estuaries were bountiful, hence easy food for the fodders.

One day, out of a blue, a good friend showed Connie and Ellen some beautiful photo snaps of the two eagles barely touching hands at the wing tips as they soared upwardly and in circles, in turn, slowly seeping downward and climbing back up again, still within reach of one another. Ellen took one glance at the shoots and, within seconds, knew instantly that an icon had been found to accommodate the theme of that savoring the PNW. Just as bald eagles savor the lands, she felt the bird’s eye view of the PNW were just what conference attendees would wish to seek out sampling the freshest produce here, including fish and all culinary local wonders, as well, walking through earthly beauties – waterfalls, vineries, islets, etc. Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle have one thing in common: they are gold mines in the center of all things inherently attainable, even for bald eagles.

Ellen and Connie had asked that friend if they could use one of the photo shots as part of the conference propaganda, who had had to ask her best friend’s mother, the photographer, for her permission. The photographer had asked to remain unanimous, but once she allowed us to go ahead with her picture, Ellen took it to a print shop and had it blown; later, with Van, her husband, had worked on the captions and fonts – DSA 2019 – at the top and – Seattle – bordering at the left sideway along with the infamous Seattle Space Needle silhouette snuggled in between. When the first conference management team meeting took place early 2016, she and Connie asked for a motion to be passed to use eagles to symbolize Seattle as the city host of DSA 2019 Seattle. With a few alterations and their input, the committee passed that motion. After the commencement of DSA 2015 Houston, the iconic bald eagles in the soft blue background of a sky became unveiled.

Submitted by Ellen Scheppach, Chair of DSA 2019 SeattleJune 23, 2017

Til we meet in Seattle ...

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