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From Past to Present

DSA 2019 logoThe first national conference of deaf seniors occurred on May 28 – 31, 1992 in Austin, Texas when Ralph H. White 0f Travis County Association of the Deaf volunteered to assist in setting up a weekend conference. Amazingly 850 people attended.

The second national conference hosted in 1994 by Ohio School for the Deaf Alumni Association and the Columbus Colony, Inc in Columbus, Ohio. It drew 1,500 people. Ralph H. White was elected President and DSA was called the National Association of Deaf Senior Citizens, Inc. White served fro 1994 to 1999.

The third national conference originally was to be held in 1997 by Florida Association of the Deaf, however due to popular demand, the host beyond a miracle held the conference in 1995 with 850 attendees in Fort Lauderdale.

The fourth national conference was in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997. A name change was proposed and thus renamed “Deaf Seniors of America” and the start of their quarterly publication “New Horizons”. From this time on, the conferences followed had over 1,000 attendees.

The fifth national conference was in Atlanta, Georgia and Gertrude Galloway was elected President.

The sixth national conference despite the heartrending consequences of the September 11, 2001 was held in Bloomington, Minnesota, yet managed to attract about 1,000 people.

The seventh national conference was held in Boston, Massachusetts. The eighth was in San Francisco, California; the ninth was in Orlando, Florida; and the tenth was in Las Vegas, Nevada, which drew the largest number of attendees, which was 2,334.

The eleventh was in Baltimore, Maryland in 2013 with 1,602 attendees. The twelfth was at Asheville, North Carolina held at a historic 100-year old resort located in the Blue Ridge Mountains with 840 people.

The 25th Anniversary of Deaf Seniors of America is back where it started in Texas in the town of Houston this year 2017. DSA has continued to seek ways to improve the quality of life for deaf and hard of hearing senior citizens and to provide support as needed.

At all the conferences mentioned above, each have provided between 24 to 68 workshops and presentations, crafts, and many display of exhibit booths as well as tours around its designed location.